The Gone To Print

Rather than a photo which I took, I am sharing with you what my family in Gaza tried to send with my mum. Unfortunately, because it is such an obviously criminal and war-type object, it was seized and confiscated by the Israelis.

My cousins had photographed their beautiful handmade vile of rose-water syrup happiness, and so I at least have these. And really, always, and especially in this moment, it’s the thought which counts.

When I received these images a couple of days ago, I began to sob, and then proceeded to send my family a barely coherent voice note of thanks. (They have so much faith in me that they have written ‘First edition’ on their gift. May I never disappoint, inshAllah.)

Since Amazon doesn’t deliver to the Occupied Territories, I will have to send a copy with anyone who might be going.

Today, while on the train to Albufeira, we finalized rose-water syrup and it is now officially gone to print. This is all that I write. Pre-order link will be shared soon enough.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. My family’s love and support, always. May I only ever make them proud.
2. The support of my beloved friends, among whom are a handful of ones I have not yet met face-to-face but who have served as voices of constant and always encouragement.
3. Albufeira’s sunset. I did not know that this is what you looked like; you took my breath away this evening and I’m looking forward to time with you nightly until I have to say goodbye.

Albufeira | April 16, 2019

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