The Lunar Confusion

It’s one of my favourite things to do – walking through older neighbourhoods where the trees are aged and Spring carpets their streets with blossoms. Especially, I love stomping on them in order to get the best shot.

This wonderful pastime of mine is exactly what I didn’t do today. That image was captured because I pulled momma’s car over, stepped out of it for perhaps 90 seconds to photograph myself in the environment in which I wish I were.

Instead, we were between flooring, paint, chandelier, and bathroom stores choosing colours and lighting. When Phase 2 begins, we wish to have absolutely everything ordered and on site, ready for immediate installation inshAllah.

I do hope that when that time comes (best 5 weeks, worst 9 weeks from present), it’ll be fun for momma to finally see things coming together. She’s even chosen a new colour scheme; we are moving from beige and brown, to grey and blue. It will be beautiful, inshAllah.

I have been thinking how much I wish I knew how to do the simplest things such as laying drywall and flooring. See? I know so little that I called the laying of floors and making of walls “simple”. Because I have so much time on my hands, if you know anyone with a construction company who is willing to let me volunteer my time with them, so that I might learn, please let me know.

While it is traditionally a male dominated work environment, there certainly must be a small and patient enough team willing to have another set of hands, newbies, eager to learn and do as they’re told. I mean…certainly…? Preferably someone who sees art in their work, rather than drywall and cardboard, so that patience is afforded someone like me…? I guess I’ll find out. ANYONE! CALL ME!

Also, there are a few things which, if they’re not going to be completed by the insurance company, I may need help with. Minor things but time-consuming. Spackling, sanding, and painting some walls, to be specific. If you are good at these things and want to help out, inbox me and I’ll let you know. Momma will cook us a nice meal as thanks.

Because of momma’s home situation, while rushing to take the photo, I realized that I’ve not had much of any time to read and reflect on Islam these last couple of weeks. Which, though it makes me sad, the upside is that this will push me a little harder to keep that thread of learning Islam to days not only within Ramadan.

Speaking of, either tomorrow or Tuesday will be the last day of Ramadan. In the age of NASA satellites, and when we already know at exactly what time each of the five daily prayers are, I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND HOW WE STILL NEED TO EYEBALL THE BEGINNING AND THE END OF RAMADAN, Y’ALL.

Ummah! What is going on with us? ISNA began fasting one day prior to Saudi. My mom and me considered fasting on that day, because she had eyeballed the moon right, but then went with Saudi. Now ISNA has declared that Eid is likely on Tuesday, but Saudi is waiting until tomorrow to decide. Why are we so messy? And, when we have people in Australia in a time zone, like, 30 eleven hours away from North America, should we all be Eiding on the same day, anyway?

I need literature. Someone send me literature, please. I tried to read The Lunacy of Lunar Sightings (Source: Sandala), but it is way above my science understanding and so stopped.

Next year inshAllah, I am rocking and rolling with ISNA.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. All of the good people at places like Home Depot and RONA. Thank you for patiently answering all of our questions and addressing our concerns.
2. Cherry blossoms. I mean, look at how pretty they make a sidewalk look.
3. Electricity. There is no electricity in momma’s home at present, and there is no faster way to appreciate a thing than to have that thing removed from your life. Electricity is grand.

Ottawa | June 2, 2019

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