The Activity

It was such a full day that I, a night-owl, am having trouble writing when it’s only 11.30 in the evening. I wonder, is it possible that I am shifting from a night-owl to a morning bird? These latter creatures, I have always found insufferable, because nothing is more precious than a late morning sleep-in. Now…now…I struggle.

We spent several hours walking throughout Wakefield, then I went for a run, then momma and me went for a two hour walk. Is something happening across the stars? Is there an unhinged moon situation about which I am unaware?

Someone please tell me this will soon stop.

Heads Up! Over the next few days, and as promised way back when, I’ll be circling back to cover topics which I touched on during the first half of this sabbatical.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. The internet. I still remember when salesmen would come by the house with sets of encyclopedias.
2. Challenges. In general, all of them, even when I want to throw a shoe at them. They really do help us grow.
3. Warm clothing. Momma needs the a/c cranked. I, on the other hand, have always hated air conditioning.

Ottawa | Day 219 | July 7, 2019

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