The Memories

But for a walk with a friend, I’ve spent my day with fresh fruit and coffee, reading to the sound of birds. Occasionally, Zidane or Jules have laid at my feet. Though in Montreal, I am here for tree-house peace.

Thinking back over however many of your years, what memories can you recall?

If you were to recount every memory you have until present, how much time do you think it would take you to mention them all?

I think my memories might, if I am being truthful with myself, fill up only a few hours. If lucky, perhaps a day, but this may only be because I’m a storyteller, not because the stories are so memorable. Admittedly, I would rather this, than memories at which I might one day shudder. alhamduliLah.

Thinking back over 44 years already feels as though I am waking from a dream. No wonder Muslims are counselled for this very distinct Reality.

I’m learning not to be sad about this, but rather to embrace what is worthy of small memories.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Having more food than I can eat in this fridge.
2. Having more water that I can drink from this tap.
3. A safe and clean bed in which to sleep.

Montreal | Day 238 | July 26, 2019

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