The Zeds

We began with a dance party, and found ourselves bidding them bon voyage as Boy-Z drove Girl-Z to Africa (they are listening to The Continents song). With great vigor, they drove past after Africa, to say goodbye once more, en route to Europe.

Girl-Z waved at us like a small Queen both times; each of them flashing their mother’s dimples per round.

When I met Boy-Z, he had a large cranium which sent me and his momma into a fit of hysterical laughter the moment I pointed out the possible circumference. Pleased to report that he has grown into that head. Girl-Z, on the other hand, was just all around gigantic. Mariam grows fatsos, though she is an entirely tiny woman.

My evening was perfectly filled with these munchkins, receiving their self-proclaimed ‘Squeezy Hugs’. Not too shabby for a Wednesday night.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Baby-driven dance parties.
2. Jilly and Mariam who are both freely lending me their men’s luggage (since mine is in storage, with the rest of momma’s things, and I literally don’t have the room to store another one if I considered buying one to hold me over).
3. Hugs. I really like and need hugs. Let me know if you volunteer as tribute. Thank you!

Ottawa | Day 236 | July 24, 2019

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