The Flying

This was Nathalie and Brian’s birthday gift to me – the enjoyment of flying, and I…well…I was OVER THE MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was at the very end, when Lucas and me flew upwards to the top and spun for an eternity. It was a wild sensation, and the funny thing is that I thought I was going to be gripped by complete terror, but instead, I couldn’t stop laughing and all I wanted to do was keep going. Over and over and over again.

Even letting myself fall into the air to float on it? I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it, but the entire experience – from A to Z – was seamless and effortless. I love Nathalie and Brian’s creativity so much!

I dated an SAS officer and we had planned on tandem jumping together, but that never came to fruition (I hit the eject button before we got far enough). He had over 280 or 380 jumps, if memory serves. Today I got a taste of that pull and fully understand it; I will 100% complete a tandem jump, just not sure when or where. Maybe for my 46th. It’ll help with my fear of heights.

It’s not flying, it’s floating. And it’s aerodynamics and physics, and amazing how any teeny tiny small motion made by your hands literally moves you in the opposite direction from where you had just been aimed. I wasn’t scared to fall at all, but rather any tension was simply fear of hitting the side of the tunnel. Which I didn’t do, thankfully. I can’t wait to do this again. And again. And again. Whenever opportunity presents.

It seems this trip has been about facing a lot of my fears.

Like this morning, we went to the Butantan Observatory, where they keep over 50,000 venemous species from all over the world. They develop serums here and I had psyched myself up to hold a snake. Brian too (without the psyching up part). Unfortunately, they didn’t bring out any snakes while we were there, so I only got to see them behind glass. What a view. And oh my GOD, toads are repulsive. Snakes are stunning, however. Who knew?

I made a friend while there – Luca, visiting with his grandfather. Luca wasn’t older than perhaps 10 or 11, and he had Down’s syndrome. We must have arrived at the same time, because from the moment we entered the serpentorium (I don’t know if this is in fact the name, but it should be), Luca approached me and led me around. He doesn’t speak English. I don’t speak Portuguese, but we communicated just fine. Better than fine, in fact. We had a proper fun time seeing these creatures together.

His grandfather was very apologetic at first, which I can understand, but he didn’t need to be. He was worried I was uncomfortable, which I was not; with time, he let us go because, I think, he could tell that spending time with Luca was really welcome from me. This kid was so warm and open and sweet. He held my hand. He walked me to his favourite windows, and when he said goodbye, he kept hugging me and repeating something something amo. I know enough to know what that word means, but his grandfather translated He is saying he loves you, so I kept answering I love you too. After hearing it a few times, Luca repeated the English phrase as best he could.

What a beautiful kid. Really, really, really. You can meet Luca in one of today’s Instagram stories ❤️

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Such an incredibly creative birthday gift from Natty and Brian. After my first time in the tunnel, I jumped out and couldn’t stop jumping up and down out of exhilaration.
2. Meeting Luca. Holding hands with Luca. Receiving hugs and kisses from Luca.
3. Ending our night with eight different varieties of birthday cake. Natty does not fck around, y’all.

Sao Paulo | Day 329 | October 25, 2019

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