The Flare-Up

\ ˈfler-ˌəp  \
a sudden bursting (as of a smoldering fire) into flame or light, a danger of flare-ups.

Some people call it ‘banter’.

A note: don’t ask People of Colour to defend themselves against the comments and hate of Don Cherry. Or any subject where the protagonist has basically turned POC into people less anything than you, who are not a Person of Colour. Because what you’re doing by playing this little ‘game’ is you’re making POC DEFEND THEMSELVES and their right to make decisions other than yours, and their right to occupy spaces in a manner different than yours. You are essentially placing them in the guilty position of assuming that the language and hate of positions such as Cherry’s are in fact true, and the POC needs to argue against it.

Further, you are assuming that Cherry’s position(s) are the right ones, from which any deviation needs to be justified.

Why do I have to explain to you why I am in fact as patriotic as you? Or why I choose to wear a poppy or not? And why do you need to hear me say that free speech is allowed to tell me that I am less than you?

WHY? When White men are attacking synagogues and mosques? When White men are assaulting women in hijab? When White men are saying that there are “good people on both sides”? When literal concentration camps are keeping Muslims, and Muslim women are being raped by men to prove that they are not too Muslim? WHY?

What kind of pleasure will you receive by placing me or any POC in this position?

It is exhausting that any POC must defend their right to exist in spaces. It is exhausting that for your…what…enjoyment? Boredom? Curiosity? Entitlement? I must defend my anything, starting at patriotism and what I might choose to wear on my body, from a poppy, to a hijab.

I am so exhausted that I have to actually explain this to people still. Still. Still.

All of you, no matter your religion or whether you are a POC or not, please read Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race. Just go. Right now. Please. And if any part of you has jumped at this recommendation, then ask yourself why. Lead yourself and your intentions always with WHY?

I am closing the comments on this post, including on Instagram. I am exhausted.

You do not have the permission to ask me any questions; and if you inbox any, they will be ignored, and if you ask me face-to-face be prepared to watch me get up and leave the table. I am exhausted.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Mariam. I can’t wait to see your face tonight.
2. Every single White person defending a Person of Colour’s right to occupy space. Thank you for taking up this fight; we are so exhausted.
3. Deep breaths.

Ottawa | Day 353 | November 18, 2019

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