The Hand-Holding

This might very well become my favourite new place. I love brick walls almost as much as I love all attention to detail, especially in nooks –

I was thinking about how I’m looking forward to the first hand-hold. It’s one of the most exciting and intimate moments between two people; I still remember the first time a man held my hand.

I was 21, and I became instantly nauseous because it felt like the perfect gateway drug about which no one had warned me. Until today and always, I think I fall a little bit in love the first moment someone reaches for my hand. Communication is often best when it’s not verbal.

Have you seen The Lover?

It’s a little trashy, but fun. (The latter part of this opinion brought to you by my 17 year old self; please go ahead and judge her.)

You should watch it only for the hand-hold moment, as it is one of the gentlest and sexiest captures on film. Trust.

(And then consider turning it off to read the book on which it is based, if you must.)

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Mr. M, a patient at the opthalmologist’s office, overheard momma and me speaking, and gently popped in to answer all of momma’s questions and concerns.
2. Stuffed grape leaves made by momma.
3. Warm covers on rainy days.

Ottawa | Day 362 | November 27, 2019

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