The Nervous Nauseous

Eight days, and The Sabbatical comes to its close. I began my own advent calendar – each day, I purchase a thing to celebrate, and to carry into the next year. Today, I purchased 4 plants – three poinsettias, and one schlumbergera, another succulent for my collection. Specifically, it’s a Christmas succulent, which I didn’t know were a thing until today.

The Tree House was covered in plants which I had grown for years; massive ones that were always flowering in a dominoes order, and annually swelling out of their planters. Eventually, and no matter how much warmer they made my home, they became a source of challenge when I began to travel as much as I did. When it was time for me to move to The Cloud Cave, the layout didn’t help with plant placement, and I knew that I would be travelling a ton, so I decided to give away all of my plants. I don’t regret it, but I recognize that it’s time for me to fill this home once more with living green.

I’ll keep you posted on the little trinkets I bring home over the next seven days, inshAllah.

Based on a little poll I did yesterday, I’m curious if any of you become nervous around wo/men you dig. Me, I do. But not immediately.

I become nervous only when I figure out I have a crush. I become quieter than usual, so extremely noticeable to me, but not so evident to someone who doesn’t know me so much. BECAUSE – and we can say it all together – I talk more than your average, anyway.

I also stop eating. Because I become super nauseous. You wouldn’t be able to see it, but I assure you that if not careful, I might projectile vomit while standing next to my crush.

I bet you didn’t know I was so dreamy.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. The colour red. From lipstick to nail polish to Christmas plants.
2. Moccasins, the only thing keeping my feet toasty in this weather.
3. Good manners. They never go unnoticed.

Ottawa | Day 357 | November 22, 2019

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