The Time Slowers

Two of the four food groups right here.

Aside from this, my ACTEOTSI of this day was a gratitude journal.

I realize that one of the reasons this year has felt like ten (while simultaneously like a snap of my fingers, though this I cannot explain) is because my #pieceaday since December 1, 2018, had forced me to pay very real and actual attention to everything happening both around me, and inside of my small usually empty head. The writing was easy; the gratitude was not.

I think two of the biggest changes I wish to see for myself moving forward are that I continue to pay this much attention to my every day, and to find the gratitude eggs hidden around me. Re the former, my worry is that stopping my Piece A Day will quicken time again, so if that happens, it may mean that I continue to write more often than I have committed to in my head (once a week, at present); as for the latter, I just have to continue to pin eyelids to brow in my efforts to look for the gratitude nuggets (often hidden in piles of garbage).

Though I haven’t discovered time travel, I think I finally figured out two of the small secret to slowing time.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Extra-long and scorching hot showers. I don’t have very much time alone in The Cloud Cave and these have become a welcome pod of quiet.
2. Caring for momma. It means she is still here, to care for.
3. Staying off of Twitter for over a week now, and enjoying it very much. My being informed only by virtue of seeking out info from online news sources seems to do a far better job for my heart’s health than my being smashed by 100 different bad news stories every time I accessed that awful site. (Which was a lot.)

Ottawa | Day 360 | November 25, 2019

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