Dispatch no 1: The Red Sea

Hi & sorry for not writing sooner! I’ve discovered that I suck at writing while on holiday…

Long story short, the longer of which I will eventually write about (within the coming couple of months, I’m certain): A part of this trip has been to snorkel in the Red Sea. If you really must, please visit this page, in order to locate me…on an atlas.

I’m not much in the mood for long entries, and so have decided to video blog instead.

Video no 1: The view from our hotel’s (Sofitel) gazebo that overlooks the Red Sea. Mama waving. French people being athletic.

Video no 2: Walking toward the Red Sea. A completely random and unrelated story to pictures of chicks? or chickadees? & Wearing a flip? flop?

Video no 3: Me: sun burnt and with yasmine in my hair. Waving away flies. Talking about scent. Making you listen to the waves.

I’m off to the Arabian Gulf for some scuba diving. I promise to post more videos and idiotic narration (with a lot of ‘uhm’s for good measure).

To those who have asked for photos, I’ve yet to post any, but I’ve taken around 200 already. They’ll be along within the coming little bit.