Dispatch no 1, Toronto: Nerd

Seated across from me on the airplane, I knew I recognized him but I couldn’t quite place from which television show. Because…it’s difficult to name That Canadian Actor under the best of circumstance – seated behind and at an angle made it slightly more difficult.

While waiting for our luggage, this gentleman and I chatted and I instinctively KNEW. I knew how I knew him, and I was so excited! For a brief moment, I hesitated to ask but then gave in because I thought he would feel really good if a girl in my age category told him she remembered him and loved him on L.A. Law. I didn’t mind that he wasn’t a fellow Canadian; a girl’s allowed to make mistakes.

Discreetly, I leaned over and inquired: “Are you the gentleman from LA Law?”

Richard Dysart:


To which he graciously and as equally discreetly responded with: “No, I used to be the leader of the opposition…”

Bill Graham:


Did my stupidity floor you? Either way, Mr. Graham was lovely in the face of my nerd.

(P.S. I also saw Roméo Dallaire, who I recognized without problem. I didn’t approach him because it’s Roméo and when one sees the General, one should just ogle in great wonder and awe.

THEN I saw The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver, only he was fully clothed. Lovely man, of whom I took a few photos that you can find at this link. The photos make it look as though I was hiding in a bush, which maybe I was…)