10 year anniversary & Min Fami

Min Fami readingToday is this home’s 10 year anniversary.

Yeah, it’s as unbelievable to me as it is to you, my seven readers.

Last night, I participated in my first ever panel discussion for a book launch; the book is Min Fami: Arab Feminist Reflections on Identity, Space and Resistance and in it are published two short stories.

The Universe made everything collide all at once. That I am thankful and blessed are quite possibly the understatements of the year thus far.

This is the video of my portion of the reading:

MF 7A little about the book — Min Fami: Arab Feminist Reflections on Identity, Space, and Resistance is an anthology that cradles the thoughts of Arab feminists, articulated through personal critical narratives, academic essays, poetry, short stories, and visual art. It is a meeting space where discussions on home(land), exile, feminism, borders, gender and sexual identity, solidarity, language, creative resistance, and (de)colonization are shared, confronted, and subverted. In a world that has increasingly found monolithic and one-dimensional ways of representing Arab womyn, this anthology comes as an alternate space in which we connect on the basis of our shared identities, despite physical, theoretical, and metaphorical distances, to celebrate our multiple voices, honour our ancestry, and build community on our own terms, and in our own voices.

& here, my loves, is where you may purchase this book and support its brilliant initiative.

Thank you for making Prolific Immigrant such a safe and warm place for my heart. Love you. Owe you. xxo


Top photo of your web mistress courtesy of the lovely Leah Snyder for Mixed Bag Mag.