Maha Mondays: Your Piece’s Bully of a BFF & The Fella Who Wants to Commit (but is stuck in a tree of his own making)

Silhouette-women-arguingElle Beaver’s reader is challenged by a dismissive limp-dick boyfriend and his BFF: “…those whose uplifting is sourced from their active debasement of others are the most miserable and insecure of the litter. Trust me when I tell you that this is not about you; I would place my (Elle) beaver on the line, behind this statement.”

Chai Latte Diaries male reader says he wants to commit but simply keeps “fading”. Me, I call him an emotional sloth and tell him to own his fade (like a proper blue jean): “Contrary to what you wrote above, there is no such thing as “fading”. To use this word is to free oneself of responsibility, rendering us into passive non-participants, when in fact, to sit back and do nothing is a choice in which our person is complicit. It is the choice to NOT act / engage / respond / initiate, etc.

And last week’s, during which time I was absent from Canada – CLD’s 23 year old who is having her first midlife crises whilst wanting to, but having trouble getting to prayer: “I will address the easier one first – Prayer. In my early twenties, and maybe possibly even until 26 months ago (but who’s counting? and JUST KIDDING MAMA!! I have totes always prayed without missing a fard) I was choppy in my prayer. Until a dear friend said, ‘take it slow, and do it one by one’.