MahaMonday: Chemistry + break-up

how-to-help-your-bff-through-a-breakupAt Elle Beaver, I’m asked for advice on how to handle and get over a bad break-up: “When she comes out of this, please remind her to open her heart with this same amount of willingness and vulnerability to the next man. This is for her sake alone. There is nothing more painful than not loving to our full capacity or worse, holding someone else accountable for the mistakes of a former lover. Support her in being open, loving, and even reckless in all future loves. Chances are that she will be hurt again and again and all of this is alright. We always recover – every single person walking in the street is a testament to this one true fact – We. Always. Recover.”

At Chai Latte Diaries, someone’s curious about ‘chemistry’ and what is all might mean: “Ultimately, and to reiterate, chemical attraction is NOT the tie that in fact binds two people; it is merely the first unseen form of communication between two individuals. It is what possibly propels you to continue meeting a second, third, fourth time. The connections of which you write are built or depleted depending on how much time and effort we put into a relationship and so many other factors including timing and priorities.”

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